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Best O Level A Math Notes & Exam Papers

Secondary 4 A Math Mock Papers

Download this Additional Math mock exam paper from our A Math tuition classes and practice under timed conditions. Our curriculum team has carefully curated these must-know A Math questions for O Levels. Additionally, get accustomed to the exam format.

Practice Questions by Topics

Try these Secondary 4 A Math questions to see what you need help with. If you know what you're struggling with and don't have much time, just practice the topic you need most help with.


O Level MOE Syllabus

Quadratic functions, equations and inequalities, surds, polynomials & partial fractions, binomial expansions, exponential & logarithmic functions

Geometry & Trigonometry
Trigonometric functions, identities & equations, coordinate geometry in two dimensions, proofs in plane geometry

Differentiation & integration

Download MOE A Math Syllabus

A Math formula sheet

Sec 4 Amath Formula Sheet

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