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Scholarships for JC1

Did you know from Junior college year 1 onwards - your academic grades, leadership involvements and talents can get significant recognition?

We've put together a list of Scholarships you can apply/eligible for in JC1!

1. MOE Pre University Scholarship

2. MOE Programme Specific Scholarship

3. Edusave Award & Scholarship

4. Special Awards

5. JC1 Book Prizes and Award
-SAF Young Leader Award
-SPF Book Prize

6. School Specific Scholarship
- ASRJC Scholarship
- ACJC Scholarship
- CJC Scholarship
- DHS Scholarship
- EJC Scholarship
- HCI Scholarship
- JPJC Scholarship
- MI Scholarship
- NYJC Scholarship
- RI Scholarship
- RVHS Scholarship
- SAJC Scholarship
- TMJC Scholarship
- TJC Scholarship
- VJC Scholarship
- YIJC Scholarship

7. Industry Scholarship
-DSTA Scholarship
-A Star Scholarship

The award value ranges from $250 to $2500, and for some scholarships, it is set at $1000 per year. Academic is one component & Math is a subject we must excel in. Paradigm is here for you if you're looking for JC Math tuition in Singapore.

Apply early because getting the scholarship is 100% possible

Successful Scholarship Application

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All the best with your scholarship application <3

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