Poly Cut Off Points 2023

Congratulations on receiving your O-Level Results! We've developed this JAE Database to assist you in researching Polytechnic courses. 😊

Firstly, you should have received your O-Level results and L1R4 score. We can show you how to calculate your O-Level score, if you're unsure.

Additionally, it's important to note that the points displayed are the Net L1R4 Score, which is calculated after subtracting your CCA Points.

Here's how to use the JAE 2023 Poly Database:
(Works on Desktop/Laptop only)

Step 1

Step 2

Input L1R4 Score on top right box and click enter

Step 3

Select By Polytechnic

Step 4

Click on the Poly Course Link to find out more

JAE Database poly

Download our JAE Database tool here:

What's next?

Before submitting your choices, it's crucial to understand how the JAE Ranking System works. This will guide you in making informed decisions about your rankings.

Finally, when you're ready to submit your JAE choices, we prepare a full O-Level Posting Guide. In the guide we talk about school application process, posting results, accepting school'e offer, and even appealing guide if you didn't get your course.

Paradigm Math School 63

We hope you enter your dream Poly!

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