Paradigm Student Mathematics Resources

Getting an A in Math is not by chance 

Gain an Advantage with Paradigm's high-quality student resources

(Exam guide book, cheat sheets, quiz booklet, Paradigm portal included)

But what makes Paradigm’s resources so useful?

Cheat Sheet

  • The entire syllabus has been summarised for you! (in less than 8 pages!) - saving you hours of Revision Time
  • Has been used by more than 1000+ Students in Singapore!

Paradigm Portal

  • The nifty Paradigm Portal allows you to rewatch all our past classes and summary lessons! Perfect for a quick review before exams when you need a review on specific topics or question types.
  • It features a library of more than 100 past year papers with over 1000+ questions from all Secondary Schools

Paradigm Exam Guide Book

  • A handy compilation of ALL Must know Exam Questions in every single topic that you can go through to cop those marks 💯
  • The book includes a collated list of Common Careless Mistakes so that you ensure that you don't make the same ones!

Quiz Booklet

  • The quiz booklet contains weekly quizzes to test your concepts & understanding, making sure they are solidified through practice!
  • Through each week you will find yourself improving and gaining confidence, readying yourself for exams!

As a result…

Many students improved swiftly, performing beyond their expectations ✨

Sec 4 CHIJ St Theresa's Convent E Math WA 1 - 25/25 Marks

Some even went on to get Top in their Classes and Cohort!

Sec 4 Canberra Secondary School WA 1 A Math - 40/40 marks
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