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Our method is designed to help students achieve A grade for Maths. Don’t embark on this journey alone. Join us to significantly increase your changes of securing A grade for Math!

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Doing well in math is possible for every student

1. Learn Fast

At Paradigm school, we will not only simplify concepts but also extend your knowledge of the topic, with students expressing that they learn more in one of our lessons than in weeks at school.

The key to our success lies in our approach: we use engaging stories to illustrate the purpose and importance of each topic.📚

Following this, we introduce memory hacks such as easy mnemonics for those crazy formulas 😵‍💫. This helps to aid retention, teaching you to recognize question patterns and provide frameworks for problem-solving.

By transforming math from a seemingly endless jumble of formulas to one that is repetitive and predictable, students quickly grasp concepts, building confidence in the subject.

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2. Do Fast

Time management can pose a significant challenge for many students during exams, hindering their ability to complete papers on time.

At Paradigm, all students are equipped with speed training upon enrolment.

During our weekly classes, we have dedicated segments to focus on Speed Training to simulate stressful exam conditions, helping students effectively cope with exam anxiety.

This preparation ensures they will have ample time to review and check their work after completing the exam.

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3. Check Fast

At Paradigm, we teach a systematic validation method called the Art of Validation ✅.

This framework empowers students to have confidence in the accuracy of their answers even before teachers mark their papers.

Unfortunately, many students are not taught how to check their papers systematically and are merely instructed to review concepts repeatedly.

Careless mistakes can significantly impact students' exam scores. Imagine the potential for grade improvement if these errors were eliminated.

With Paradigm's Art of Validation, our students leave the exam hall assured of their success!

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As a result, students improve fast!

We strongly believe that each and every student has the potential to do well in math.

With our aid, we know that you too can see swift improvements in math!

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How Can we help you improve?

How to pass Math?

Why are you failing?

Chances are, your foundation is weak.

  • In School, you struggle to understand the Concepts & unable to tackle homework questions easily.
  • Before exams, it’s most likely you are not doing exam practices.
  • During Exam, you feel that many of the questions are unfamiliar and unable to solve.


  • Spend time unlearning and relearning the concepts. It’s crucial to start from basic concepts rather than randomly doing homework questions.
  • Learn to recognise the types of questions, making practice feel less unpredictable and random.
  • Building confidence involves recognising the questions, and knowing how to approach them with the right formulas and framework.

How to get B for Math?

Why are you stuck at C?

  • The reason you are passing is that you studied, understand basic concepts, and can solve most of the easy questions.
  • You recognise some of the exam questions but face a ‘Mind Blank’ during exams and can’t seem to complete the questions.
  • Most importantly, you are making lots of careless mistakes, costing you marks.


  • You need to be very clear with all the Types of Exam Questions that can be tested in every chapter.
  • Develop a solid and reliable framework that allows you to tackle ALL question types with ease.
  • Begin compiling all the careless mistakes you made during daily practices and study them before the Exam.

How to get A for Math?

Why are you stuck at B?

  • You are losing marks to advance Exam Questions.
  • You are rushing against time during Exam and unable to have sufficient time to check your work
  • You realised that the careless mistakes you made are costing your As!


  • Allocate time to hunt for Advance Exam Questions (e.g. Hence Questions, Explanation Questions) that many students struggle.
  • Next, you need to train your Speed. Time yourself when doing questions or mock papers will allow you to simulate exam conditions so you are ready for the big day.
  • Lastly, you need to create strategies to check your exam paper

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