O Level Posting Guide 

Receiving your O-levels results are stressful enough, so don’t add an extra layer by not knowing what to expect!

The official MOE website provides many helpful articles and in-depth explanations to important procedures! However, the Paradigm team has collated a few just to make your life easier 😉

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Application Process to schools:

Visit the MOE website to view:

  • Information on preparation (12 choices + how to submit)
  • The time period and deadline given to your cohort for the application process (Each cohort will be different so please check carefully!)

Where to find your posting results:

The JAE posting results will be released through:

  • The JAE Internet System (JAE-IS)
  • SMS (if you have provided a local mobile number in your application)

How to accept offers from your school:

Each tiertiary institute is different! So do check accordingly 🙂

Visit: Joint Admission Exercise (JAE): Accept Offer

Appealing Guide

Result check appealing process:

If you are unsatisfied with your GCE O-Level results, you can appeal for a grade review. The appeal process allows you to request a re-marking of your exam papers to ensure that your grades are accurately and fairly assessed.

To appeal, you must submit the designated appeal form and pay the required fee within the deadline. You should also provide any relevant supporting evidence or documentation that may strengthen your case.

The examining board will carefully review your request and re-assess your exam papers. The process may take some time, so you should be patient and await their response.

If your appeal is successful, your grades will be changed. However, it is important to keep in mind that the appeal process is rigorous, and the decision of the examining board is final.

Before deciding to appeal, you should consult with your teachers or school counsellors to get a better understanding of the potential outcomes and the likelihood of success.

Appealing to a different school:

If you want to submit an appeal:

  • For junior colleges (JC) and Millennia Institute (MI), visit the school website to find out about the appeal process and timeline. Use SchoolFinder to find the school’s contact details.
  • For polytechnics and Institute of Technical Education (ITE), you can check the appeal submission timeline and submit your appeal through the JAE Online Appeal Portal. On the appeal portal, under "Courses", you can find the latest net aggregate scores to guide you in choosing the courses to appeal for.

For the course you are appealing for, you must meet both the minimum entry requirement of the course and the net aggregate score of the lowest-ranked applicant posted to the course.

More information: read more on appealing to a different tertiary institute

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All the best from the paradigm team! 🫶🏻

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