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The best Secondary and Junior College math tuition school in Singapore that is staffed by former MOE teachers, Bachelors in math, business advisors & life coaches. Our teachers are hand picked and filtered in multiple rounds of rigorous interviews at a 5% hire rate, and trained by our principal in-house to meet the “Paradigm Standard” of teaching that you’ve read about in our excellent students’ reviews.

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Mr Dylan Principal Paradigm Math

Mr Dylan


Math Tutor Mr Marwin

Mr Marwin

Curriculum Head

Math Tutor Jay

Mr Jay

Senior Teacher

Math Tutor Ms Jia Jun

Ms Jia Jun

Senior Teacher

Social Media Head Mr Khaliel

Mr Khaleil

Social Media Head

Principal's Message

Mr Dylan Principal Paradigm Math


Dear Students,

What do students need to excel in Mathematics swiftly, joyfully, and with minimal stress?

As a Singaporean, I care about our children's education.

It's no secret many students struggle to find math's relevance in their daily lives. During my 7 years of teaching, my students confess that they find Mathematics boring and struggle to follow what's happening in class. Additionally, it's been disheartening to observe that despite their tremendous effort, many students still grapple with conceptual errors and careless mistakes.

Exam questions are often more difficult than their school homework & assignments, resulting in them losing confidence and motivation in Mathematics. It pains us to see their hard work not translating into the results they deserve.

As I embarked on growing Paradigm, we began to incorporate fun and interactivity into our classes to enhance content absorption and engagement. Beyond the classroom, we encouraged students to seek consultation & homework support from us, ensuring they never feel alone or unsupported. We even introduced a Student Lounge, a space where students could seek additional one-on-one help on Saturdays.

However, our efforts didn't end at academic guidance. We believe in the significance of developing robust study skills and providing insightful career & life guidance. We regularly organize events, talks, and alumni sessions to help our students gain a better understanding of themselves and clarity about the path they wish to follow.

Reflecting on the past six years, it fills me with joy knowing that my team and I have assisted hundreds of students to excel in their exams. We've equipped them with unconventional study methods and heightened self-awareness, enabling them to pinpoint their passions beyond Secondary and JC.

What I'm most proud of, however, is witnessing our students' transformations — not just in their academic performance but in their mindset as well. So, when we say we prioritize your children's growth in everything we do, we truly mean it. We deeply care for your child.

If you've made it to this point and have yet to experience our classes, I warmly invite you and your child to check out our Social Media Pages (Telegram, Instagram). Please send us a message, and one of our Advisors will be more than happy to assist you.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Yours Sincerely,
Founder of Math Paradigm


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Paradigm Teacher Dylan Featured on ST
Paradigm Teacher Dylan Featured on ST
Paradigm Teacher Marwin Featured on ST
Paradigm Teacher Marwin Featured on ST

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