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Below, you can find the Junior College (JC) cut-off points for the Arts and Science streams of the schools for which you are eligible.

Before proceeding, you should have received your O-Level Results and L1R5 score. If you're unsure about these, please read about how to calculate your O-Level Scores.

Also, it's important to note that the points displayed are the Net L1R5 Score, which is calculated after subtracting your CCA Points.

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2024 JC Cut Off Points

Junior College Science
Raffles Institution 4 5
Hwa Chong Institution 4 5
Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) 4 -
Nanyang JC 5 6
Eunoia JC 6 7
St Joseph's Institution 6 -
Victoria JC 6 8
National JC 7 8
Anglo-Chinese JC 8 9
Dunman High School 7 8
River Valley High School 8 9
Temasek JC 7 8
St Andrew's JC 9 10
Anderson Serangoon JC 10 11
Catholic JC 12 13
Tampines Meridian JC 12 13
Jurong Pioneer JC 14 15
Yishun Innova JC 20 20
Millennia Institute L1R4 < 20 L1R4 < 20

JC Cut Off Points Yearly Trend

JC cut off points trend

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What's Next?

Before submitting your choices, it's crucial to understand how the JAE Ranking System works. This will guide you in making informed decisions about your rankings.

When you're ready to submit your JAE choices, its good to have a look at the O Level Posting Guide. It's particularly useful if you want to learn about the application process, posting results, school acceptance, and even appealing. Another thing you might be interested in is how the O Level Math "bell curve" works.

Finally, after you successfully secure a spot in the Junior College of your choice, do check out the list of scholarships you can apply for in JC1.

On a side note, Paradigm is here for you if you are looking for H2 JC math tuition. Most students find JC math to be tougher compared to Secondary math. Let's start early and do well in JC!

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