How To Study For Exam

5 Best Tips to Prepare for your exam

We’ve got some tricks up our sleeves to ensure that you are well prepared for any exams coming your way.

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1. Do not be stuck in the endless cycle of aimlessly clearing homework

Homework overload? It may be time to start prioritising more effective practices for your revision. Whether it be topics you are unsure of or doing mock papers, know where to dedicate your time and energy to.

2. Take Good Notes

Your notebook looking more like a collage of practice questions? Taking notes are important and knowing how to take them will help you significantly.


3. Know How to Check Your Paper

Maybe its time to stop aimlessly flipping through, its time to learn how to effectively check your exam papers!

4. Practice, Practice, Practice

From doing your collated complex questions to full mock papers, practice makes improvement, especially under timed conditions!

Coupled with a good note taking system, you will have your attack plan ready for exam day.

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5. Plan Your Time Wisely

  1. Look at the big picture
    • Start your plan with an overview of the time available.
    • Know what you need to start preparing to get your target score! (eg, what are the topics you need extra practice on / what practices you need to complete to ensure a higher chance of getting your desired grades)
    • Take time to list out all the things you want to be able to accomplish realistically during that time frame - it is important to ensure that you can cover as much as possible WITHOUT burning out!
    • eg. create summary notes, finish tys and complete 5 mock papers by October 3rd.
  2. Break it up
    • Work backwards to understand what needs to be done by when
    • set deadlines and plan out goals for each week, then further divide into each day
  3. Follow through and don’t overthink it!
    • After you’ve laid out your plan, don’t feel overwhelmed! Take things one step at a time and tackle the things just ahead of you.
    • Remember that you don’t have to blame yourself should you fall short, don’t hyper fixate on constantly fixing that “perfect” schedule but instead prioritise what you have to do and keep moving forward! 💪🏻
    • Always reach out to your family, friends and teachers should you feel overwhelmed. The Paradigm teachers will always have your back!

You Can Do it!

It may seem daunting, but at the end of the day know that truly you are so much more than your grades. With hard work and a good attitude, you will traverse all the storms ahead!

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Keep fighting! Love, Paradigm 🫶🏻

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