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Beating National math average since 2016! Paradigm is a proven expert in helping Secondary & Junior College students achieve extraordinary results in math exams.

With Paradigm Method™, we believe every students can do well in Math. We believe Math is the easiest subject to improve in and  the improvement can be made swiftly.

Secondary & Junior College Math Tuition

Sec 1 Math

Secondary 1 (G3) offers a fresh new start, even if you haven't done well in Primary 6. This is the year to build a strong math foundation.

Reach out to us early, and let's work together to ace your math.

Sec 2 Math

No matter what your results were previously, Secondary 2 is your streaming year, and we understand how important it is.

There is still time to do well in Sec 2 (G3) math, and we will be there to assist you every step of the way.

Sec 3 Math

Start early in Secondary 3, that's two G3 subjects off your shoulders (E Math & A Math). Many students play the catch-up game in Secondary 4 because they feel they have time.

We believe Math is the easiest subject to score in O Levels, and we'll support you along the way.

Sec 4 Math

This is the O Levels year and you must score well!

You may be struggling with advanced concepts like Vectors, Differentiation & Integration, that's not a problem because most students joined us at Secondary 4 & still did well for O Levels G3 Math.

JC H2 Math

Given that JC spans just two years, and with H2 Math being a popular choice among JC students due to its significance in unlocking various STEM courses at university, the competition in this subject is intense. Let's fully commit and excel in these crucial two years!

Beating National Math Average Since 2016! 🇸🇬

E Math
O Levels 2023

Scored A & B

A Math
O Levels 2023

Scored A & B

Using Paradigm Method™, Math is the easiest subject to score A.

At least 7 out of 10 students achieve distinction. Till date we have taught over 1000 students from 68 different MOE schools.


Students taught


MOE Schools


Achieve Distinction

Using Paradigm Acceleration Method™, Every student can do well in Math.

Students improved from F9 to A1 and entered their dream Poly or JC.

On top of helping our students score well in Math, we get them into their dream Polytechnic & Junior college via good grades and/or DSA & EAE Poly route.

Using Paradigm Method™, improvement can be made swiftly.

Our highly-effective curriculum simplifies difficult topics, enabling you to master a math topic in a short amount of time.

Paradigm Math School 79

How we do it?

What to expect

Two hours of math tuition a week is not sufficient for a breakthrough, particularly for students who are lagging behind. One reason students excel at Paradigm is due to our above and beyond support.

Our students excel, in part, due to our efficient and student-friendly learning structure. During the week, we hold our lessons on Zoom or at our math tuition centre at Novena. These option are not only effective in delivering content, but also convenient. Given how busy students are on weekdays, with school work and other commitments, online classes save them valuable travel time.

Paradigm Method

Highly-Effective Curriculum
Our curriculum is expertly crafted by a team made up of former MOE teachers, advisors and researchers who has also spent countless hours analysing math exam papers from schools across Singapore.

This ensures that what you see during your Math exam is similar to what we practice in our classes.

On top of that, students will save countless hours of revision with our top level math cheatsheets, succinct summary booklets, past years school prelim papers. You will never need to buy any more assessment books or exam papers.

Tackle Root Problem
If your issue is making careless mistakes in math and dealing with exam anxiety, we'll introduce you to the Paradigm's "Sharpen Your Mind" technique. This method alone can help you improve your math grade by a full level, simply by helping you avoid losing marks during exams.

If you're struggling to complete your math paper on time, our "Speed Exam" Training can assist. Students who have undergone this training typically find they even have extra time to review their work.

If you're facing a lack of motivation to study, we have the solution. Through our Paradigm Mastermind™ program, we help students cultivate an intrinsic motivation to study. This approach propels students to excel academically, paving the way to their dream schools.

Our Math Tuition Rates

Sec 1/2

$300 / month
  • Sec 1/2 Math
  • Weekly lesson
  • Face to Face consultation
  • Student Learning Portal
  • Welcome Pack
  • Exam crash courses
  • Student mastermind
  • Monthly parents update
  • Round the clock WhatsApp support

Sec 3/4/5

$350 / month
  • Choose E-Math OR A-Math
  • Weekly lesson
  • Face to Face consultation
  • Student Learning Portal
  • Welcome Pack
  • Exam crash courses
  • Student mastermind
  • EAE & DSA coaching
  • Round the clock WhatsApp support

Sec 3/4/5

$600 / month
  • Both E-Math AND A-Math
  • Weekly lesson
  • Face to Face consultation
  • Student Learning Portal
  • Welcome Pack
  • Exam crash courses
  • Student mastermind
  • EAE & DSA coaching
  • Round the clock WhatsApp support

2024 Class Schedule

Secondary 1

Level When
Novena Sec 1 Tue - 3.30 to 5 pm
Novena Sec 1 Sat - 9.30 to 11.00 am

Secondary 2

Level When
Novena Sec 2 (NA) Thu - 6 to 7.30 pm
Novena Sec 2 Sun - 10.30 to 12 pm
Online Sec 2 Fri - 4 to 5.30 pm
Online Sec 2 Sat - 9 to 10.30 am

Secondary 3 E Math

Level When
Novena Sec 3 Tue - 5 to 7 pm
Novena Sec 3 (NA) Thu - 4 to 6 pm
Novena Sec 3 E Sun - 9 to 11 am
Online Sec 3 E Mon - 5 - 7 pm
Online Sec 3 E Thu - 8 - 10 pm

Secondary 3 A Math

Level When
Novena Sec 3 A Thu - 5 to 7 pm
Novena Sec 3 A Sun - 1 to 3 pm
Online Sec 3 A Tue - 8 to 10 pm

Secondary 4/5 E Math

Level When
Novena Sec 4 E Sat - 1 to 3 pm
Online Sec 4 E Sat - 9 to 11 am

Secondary 4/5 A Math

Level When
Novena Sec 4 A Sat - 11 to 1 pm
Novena Sec 4 A Sat - 3 to 5 pm
Online Sec 4 A Mon - 8 to 10 pm
Online Sec 4 A Tue - 8 to 10 pm

J1 H2 Math

Level When
Novena J1 H2 Math (RI) Wed - 5 to 7 pm
Novena J1 H2 Math Wed - 7 to 9 pm
Novena J1 H2 Math Sat - 9 to 11 am
Novena J1 H2 Math (YIJC & JPJC) Sat - 1.30 to 3.30 pm
Online J1 H2 Math (YIJC & JPJC) Wed - 8 to 10 pm

J2 H2 Math

Level When
Online J2 H2 Math Tue - 8 to 10 pm

Don't see a timeslot that fits? Drop us a Whatsapp below:)

That's why We Believe we can help you


Unlike other tuition centres, Paradigm has chosen to focus on Math only.

Our team cares. Not only do we want you to get your A grade in Math, because math is the easiest subject to score, we want you to enter your dream Poly, JC & University (EAE & DSA Coaching) and have a bright future ahead of you. 

Secondary School & JC days are one of the busiest period as a student. There's homework, CCA, school related commitment, rest and self care. 

Our lessons can be on Zoom for two main reasons. 

  1. Convenience for everyone.
    Zoom lessons allow students to attend classes from anywhere, making it convenient for those who may live far away from the tuition center. It saves travel time and can be particularly advantageous in situations such as bad weather or when the student is slightly unwell but still able to attend class.
  2. Lessons on zoom are effective.
    Accessibility of Resources: Digital resources such as documents, presentations, and online tools can be easily shared and accessed by students during a Zoom lesson. This can make learning more interactive and engaging.

    Recording Feature: Zoom classes can be recorded with the right permissions. This allows students to revisit the lesson at their own pace later on, which is helpful for revision or if they missed something during the live session.

    Individual Attention: In a Zoom classroom, every student has a front-row seat. This can make it easier for the tutor to gauge each student's participation and comprehension.

    Ease of Participation: Some students may feel more comfortable participating in class discussions in an online setting rather than in person, especially if they are naturally introverted.


However, if you prefer face to face math tuition, our tuition centre is conveniently located at Novena! 

Yes. Make-up lessons will be arranged at other available times within the same week.

If this isn't possible, a recording of the week's lesson will be provided to the students.

Every student at Paradigm will receive:

  1. Paradigm Math textbooks,
  2. An exercise book,
  3. Cheat sheets,
  4. An exclusive Paradigm Tee,
  5. Immediate access to Stella© our Learning Portal .

In addition to Math tuition, Paradigm students will also gain access to exam crash courses, EAE & DSA coaching, and our Student Study Mastermind.

Furthermore, students will have access to our study lounge with an onsite math tutor available every Saturday.

Lastly, round-the-clock WhatsApp support will be provided for any Math-related queries that students might have.

Fill in the form below, and we'll inform you about how we can help you achieve your mathematics goals.

As no two students are the same, we need to adopt different approaches for effective lessons.

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